The Impact of Chatbots on Customer Experience

Timilehin Adesanya September 15, 2021 0

This process is all too common- Searching for a product or service, land on a website and then call or send an email to have a simple question answered and no response. This is not only frustrating but then a user will become impatient and move on to the next company. Conversations, transactions, and needs are met with a level of efficiency and consumers hold this standard to the way they consume products and utilize services. Chatbots hold more value now than ever and consumers want instant attention for their needs, and chatbots provide immediate satisfaction and answers.

“Chatbots can be useful in many aspects of the customer experience, including providing customer service, presenting product recommendations and engaging customers through targeted marketing campaigns. If a customer has an issue with a product, they can connect with a chatbot to explain the situation and the chatbot can input that information to provide a recommendation of how to fix the product.” –Forbes

The Breakdown of Chatbots: What Exactly Are They?

The use of chatbots vary from answering questions that a user might have when they arrive on a website, to guiding them to the right place to solve their problem. Bots help vet out questions that can easily be answered without the use of internal time, which assist free up resources in a company and eliminate customer service representative impact overall the bottom line.

“The global chatbot market is expected to reach USD 1.25 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 24.3%.” -Grand View Research, Inc.

Chatbot Versatility

There are many different ways a chatbot can function. From scheduling tasks, recommending options from movies to clothes and acting as a customer service expert. It is important to evaluate a brand needs in order to figure out what kind of chatbot will fit best for customer needs. This can be done by looking at traffic that comes to a website, and questions or most visited pages users are visiting.

Conversion rates and the bottom line is greatly impacted by implementing the right chatbox for a brand. Chatbots are not just a tool of the future, they are a critical tool for the current business model. Chatbots will continue to develop and adapt to the current marketplace to give the user the best overall experience.