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User Research, Workflow, UI/UX (Product Design), Mockup, Video Promo
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Create. Collect. Analyze

Revolutionising Data Collection.

Part of the bigger plan of relearn360 is to revolutionize the way people build collect data for analysis. Hence, PHIDBACK app idea was birthed. It works using USSD technology making the user feedback collection faster, simpler, and more intuitive (no need for internet connection)

The Challenge

Two problems. 

First, how to streamline data collection from regions with slow or no internet connection. 

Secondly, how to create multiple tasks for various events and assign one or more team members to collaborate on them. 

Hence, PHIDBack App was begat. 

User concentric approach

Key Features

The Solution

Key Screens & Mockups

Onboarding Screens

Onboarding is designed to help guide users through and familiarise them with the app. Three screens with picture and text layout to to enable the company to strategically communicate with appcore features.


To manage this process safely, an account holder can set up a different Workspace for each event and add people to collaborate. They can edit any form in their Workspace, but do not have access to other Workspaces

Create Form

Users can easily create form in any workspace from suggested templates or start from scratch. 

USSD Code Screen

Generate USSD code and share with audience. 

Analyse Result & Download

Responses received is analysed using in-built AI and a statistical display is generated. Result can as well be downloaded as csv or xsl file format. 

Team Collaboration

A phidback team is a multi-user plan managed by a Premium account holder. The account holder can invite anyone to collaborate on forms  in shared Workspaces.

sleek designs


rating, closed deal


Since the release of the first version of the prototype for user testing. Lulus closet has received a lot of good recommendation. Lot of the feedback appreciated the beauty and friendliness of the user interface design. 

"What impresses me most is the way Tim understand the underlying needs of the business, and translates that into a beautiful solution. Tim is very easy to work with and he is good at finding the balance between listening and pushing."

Kings Obi,  photo

Kings Obi,

Founder & CEO, Relearn360

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