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Lulus Closet
What I Did
User Research, Workflow, UI/UX (Product Design), Mockup, Video Promo
2 weeks
Simplify your life

Lulus Closet: Your Personal Outfit Planner.

Lulus closet is an outfit planner app designed to help put your closet on your phone and serve as your personal fashion assistant. You simply stimulate your outfit with your preferred body size avatar and dress it with 360 degree rotation.

The Challenge

Each morning, women around the world stare into their closets thinking “not this again”. Yes, you know the daily hassle. With seemingly infinite outfit combinations and no clue how to choose, many of us get overwhelmed and fall back to comfortable favorites.

Lulus CEO aimed at to find a solution. Their ask: take the hassle out of picking an outfit and make it easy for women to get dressed and get on with their lives. Introducing Lulus closet.

User concentric approach

Key Features

The Solution

Key Screens & Mockups

Onboarding Screen

Onboarding is designed to help guide you users through and familiarise them with the app. Three screens with picture and text layout to to enable the company to strategically communicate with their users, expressing the app's value and facilitating a positive user experience.

Upload & Browse Wardrobe

Impressive UX concept was developed by me. Users can literally upload their wardrobe by either takingb a snapshot, upload from the gallery or google drive. Also, the items are categorize base on type (i.e. suits, jacket, bag etc). 

Dress Up and stimulate 360 view

Also, the 'dress room' screen UX was introduced. The user from the home screen picks preferred outfit, then the avatar body shape & type and dress it up to stimulate the outlook for rapid decision making. The vavtar was designed using blender tool.

Select from Outfit

Select one or more item from outfit collection and straight to the dress room and stimulate outlook. Ajax search was introduced to make the process convenient.

sleek designs


rating, closed deal


Since the release of the first version of the prototype for user testing. Lulus closet has received a lot of good recommendation. Lot of the feedback appreciated the beauty and friendliness of the user interface design. 

"What impresses me most is the way Tim understand the underlying needs of the business, and translates that into a beautiful solution. Tim is very easy to work with and he is good at finding the balance between listening and pushing."

Colleen, photo


Founder & CEO, Lulus Closet

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