Product DesignUI/UX

X-Insight Mobile UI Design

Bleep Tech
What I Did
User Research, Workflow, UI/UX (Product Design), Mockup, Video Promo
Temi Afeye, Ololade Tobiloba, Myself
1 week
Rapid Development

X-Insights: Your Data Producing Machine

By Simulating the future daily using Gamification, analyzing present data and discussing past transactions all in one-all challenge mode powered by Artificial Intelligence, we process data for asset management, education, health & other sector.  X-insight app prototype was built for standard group asset management. 

User concentric approach

Key Features

This nature of this project didn’t require me to go through a full-fledged product design process that included initial research, persona development, etc. Rather, because of the relatively short nature of this project, since it’s a 24 hours on-site challenge.  I was more heavily focused on the latter half of the design process: the hi-fidelity designs for both the iOS and Android platforms. The scope of the project included:

Home, Challenge, Reward

Key Screens & Mockups

On-boarding screen

Coaches, Tasks -Quiz

Daily Challenge


Home, Challenge, Reward


Made top 10


Solution made the top 10 selected innovations and high recommendation for full implementation was given. It was such a major win for the team.